Monday, July 22, 2013

How About Some Justice Justice

I have broken down what we are to understand from the protests against the Zimmerman justice event.

Rule #1) Don't care about what's going on in your neighborhood.
Rule #2) Don't carry a gun if you're concerned about what's going on in your neighborhood.
Rule #3) Don't defend yourself against any kind of violence until you have all demographic and family history information from your attacker.
Rule #4) Don't do ANYTHING against anyone black - EVER - even if it's in self-defense.

Go ahead.  Argue against those rules.  Every point that's been brought up in these "protests" are demanding one or more of those Rules.  And you know what?  No.

We should all care about what goes on our neighborhoods. If your neighborhood has had repeated attacks on its safety and property and you are not advocating surveilling someone that strikes you as suspicious, you're a fool, and you don't belong in a safe neighborhood because you have become a frightened liability to your safety and the safety of your loved ones.

You should carry a gun no matter what you're doing or where you are, especially when you're putting yourself between your neighbors and a suspicious character. Yes, even if your suspicions are incorrect. It is no one's responsibility to tell you when and where you can carry. It's not the government's responsibility to tell you when and where you can carry; that's been established since 1791.

You should defend yourself and your loved ones against violence of any and every kind if you can at all help it. To ask you to do otherwise is asking you to give up your natural rights; you're being asked me to choose to be a victim to sick predators; the asker, therefore are an advocate for the sick predators, and to them, you should have to say...well...nothing nice.

When attacked, the predator's skin color means exactly nothing. NOTHING. Any creature in the world with the ability to fight back will fight back (and should fight back) when it feels its life is threatened no matter the appearance, form, beliefs, color, Zodiac sign or scent of breath of the attacker. It is simply a force to be neutralized.

My rule: if you don't want to get hit, don't hit. Likewise, if you don't want to get killed, don't make someone fear for their life.

So, all the calls for "justice" irrespective of our JUSTICE system's decision is, on its face, absurd. "No justice, no peace." Justice has been served. If there is another kind of "justice" you want, it obviously has the same taint as your "peace" does, and everyone should reject your interpretation of both.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

More 16.5 K Joy

Today the insulation installers came in and were checking out the attic before they were to blow in the insulation from their rental truck. (Yes, rental truck...which I actually think is quite cool.) They came back down from the attic and said, “Did you know your AC’s supply duct is not attached? Oh, and your attic fan doesn’t work.”

Of course I knew neither thing was true, and I just had to see it for myself. So I went up, got a lungful of insulation dust (mmm—MM!), and sure enough, the AC was merrily blowing nice, cool air into the attic—though I’m sure at least some of it was going into the tube that was hanging detached from it, like a skull’s lazy, half-unhinged jaw. The insulation installation dude then directed my attention to the attic fan. It was all corroded and decrepit-looking, appearing nothing like one might expect from the promised new fan. He cranked the thermostat, and sure enough…no joy. I wanted to put my finger into the fan and push the blades to just get it going, but thought better of it: I decided I’ll stick the AC-installer’s finger in there instead!

Oh, and the duct cleaning that they were supposed to call and schedule for today? Still hasn’t been scheduled. Needless to say, the AC installers got a rather polite and very direct phone call from me. Well…relatively direct, for me. Luckily, the contact said that I should have my wife call him to make sure all of her problems were addressed, too. Heh heh. His funeral.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

16 and a Half K of Joy

Alright, so I was going to try to not gripe about particular companies and their performance, but this experience has been just too much.

Government and HVAC companies alike promise a ridiculous amount of rebates and other creaminess for upgrading the cardiovascular system of the house. So, why the heck not?

We get quotes from no fewer than three companies, and finally settle on Action Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning. The salesman was more believable, and his promises were interesting. A hyper-efficient AC and heating unit were too much for me and my wanna-be-"green"ness to resist. 600 Watts of 3-ton-equivalent AC that can be run on two car batteries in serial? Come on! Awesome! 98% efficient heater. Wow. Course we had to throw in a new water heater and water softener. $16,500 later, and the installers finally get it all installed. And wow what a mess.

Cigarette butts in the yard, cigarette stench flowing into the open say nothing of the smoker's stench reeking off the breath and bodies of the installers. Oh, would that that were the only complaint.

After nearly a week's delay in getting the units installed (we were under a time crunch to get it installed so we could take benefit of an insulation installation rebate) guys are crawling around in our attic space in order to revent the upper floor for the new AC coolness. Holes cut in each room were expected. Even the snowy insulation clumps dropping out of said holes were no surprised. And when the installers walked around with a vacuum, I thought nothing of it. A week later I'm still cleaning up the insulation bits and flakes. Really quite annoying.

Consider, though, that while they were up in the attic, they stepping on a light fixture socket and created a 12-foot crack along the center of the hallway ceiling. I'm sure they did the right thing by patching it up instead of ripping it down and replacing it...and hopefully it's even stronger than ever (apparently the builder of the house fastened the sheetrock sheets with 4 screws--FOUR!--and glued the rest. The slightest tremor, we're going to be swimming in sheetrock goodness.

Stuff finally gets installed, and there's a leak. No big. Painter for the ceiling comes in and paints the ceiling, give the leaky pipe a crank, and leak disappears.

The AC unit which originally was said to be mounted in the attic, invisible to the outside, is a behemoth on the roof thanks to the limited attic space. I've hired a painter to look at it and make it look either less obtrusive, or to stick out like a beautiful...thing. Turns out, it's supposed to be mounted outside. Strange.

Today was a nice, warm day. (I'm still sitting on the couch sweating my clothes wet at midnight.) First opportunity to use the new AC unit! Woohoo! Finally get it turned on (figured out without the promised help of the installers)...and an hour later, discover that my nightstand is soaked with water dripping out of the newly installed vent. Yay. And water is pouring down the ceiling, coming out of a bubbling panel in the side of the monster on the ceiling. Looks like another call to Action Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning...who've been promising us a return visit to install a new air vent to the ceiling.

Let's not forget the carboard, ladder, and other boxes left throughout the yard and house and garage.

I'm sure hoping they make this right as they've promised they will. I'm annoyed, and my wife's Pee-Eye-ISSED.

Monday, April 06, 2009

The Language of War

I sit here after a workout filled with techniques on how to beat an opponent quickly, efficiently and brutally. I sit here filling my mind with images of war and bloodshed in Band of Brothers. There is beauty in the carnage, the death, the destruction and the effective use of it all. It sickens me, and I learn about it; I study it; I practice it, and I vainly hope to God I never ever see its like in reality.

What in the name of all that's holy and good possesses people (and I use the term lightly and with no small amount of derision) to find something--anything--so important as to cause the death and suffering of other people? What, power? Land? Resources? Money? Different gods? Is it worth it? Really?

I'll tell you what's worth causing the kind of suffering war brings to fighting men and women and their children. It's people that allow their greed and lust for power, land, resources, money and different gods to overcome their general decency, their very humanity in order to satisfy those lusts. These are the people that cause others who would normally not want to kill have to kill. These are the people that typically never have to kill--they only create "policy" that requires others to do their dirty work. These are the ones who are deserving of the hell that they inflict on others for their lust. Terrorists all, pretending to be statesmen. God damn them all. Course, as always, they'll be doing that themselves. I'm good with that.

Don't get me wrong: right now there are times and events that require war. There are even times when going on the offensive to neutralize a clear and present danger is needed. Damn those who create that necessity. They'll go to hell, and I won't shed a tear to see them there. And I will wade through the beautiful filth that are the skills to defend myself from these drooling demons in human form, as I curse those that create that demand, reveling in its fluidity and formless, horrid beauty.

I study two languages. Both are beautiful. Both reveal a man's soul. I prefer the language of Peace.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Hypocrisy of the New Messiah

I'll admit I'm not the sharpest brick in the sack of drawers, but honestly, who can't see through the foolishness of this "stimulus bill" drafted by our fearless, holy leader?

Who remembers Bush being continually slammed for his attempts at putting money back in the pockets of companies so they could employ more people, and therefore allow those people opportunity to spend more and keep the economy rolling? Who remembers the derisive word used? "Trickle-down Economics." What an idiot, that Bush, thinking that the money will trickle down from companies to employees to companies.

Let's consider how this new brilliant piece of dog-shtimulus coming down the pike will stimulate the ecomony.

Question: How will giving money to these government programs help stimulate the economy?

Answer: You give the money to the government programs. They give the money to needy companies. Needy companies can then employ and pay needy employees. Needy employees can then buy stuff, thereby stimulating the economy!

So...Obama and his cronies aren't for trickle down economics, but they're for trickle-trickle down...? That's so much better!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Super Activist Powers...Activate!

I have been imbued with a deep, unrelenting, powerful dislike for Obama and his policies...his party's policies. I have little love for some of McCain's actions, but not nearly so rabid. (Truth be told I'm voting largely against two-party lines.) As a result, you can count on seeing me in some kind of volunteer role, some activist role in promoting something very different than the actions and views of Obama and his party.

Sunday night we received a call from our day care 12 hours before our kids should have been dropped off there. It was the owner letting us know that the day care was closing down. The reason: they were hit by huge taxes handed down from their large-company (highly taxed under Obama's "plan") subletter that they couldn't pay and were denied credit due to credit crunch created by Obama's party's insistence that people that can't afford homes be given loans to get homes. So now we're having to bring our kids to a more expensive, less secure, and more distant day care.

Oh, wait. It wasn't the Democrats that caused the banking problems?

...and Obama only wants to help the "little guy" by taxing the larger companies ($250,000 earnings or more). Clearly this will help the little guy, right? See above! Little guy getting shafted here! (Let alone the obvious fact that companies are already looking to move their companies into states and countries with less tax. What do you think would happen when they're taxed more?)

I forget...Obama and his supporters are not for the trickle-down effect? Which party was the prime supporter of the "bail out(s)?" What was the model here? To give money to those above the little guy in hopes that it will start money trickling down from above. Trickling...down. Hypocrisy!

Let's consider, now, how the definition of "rich" keeps sinking lower and lower. Under the latest numbers, I would be considered rich and therefore subject to more taxes--you know, because those who aren't making a lot of money must get more money forced from me and forced into their hands. I give money and goods. Make me feel like I'm being forced to give and there's no reason for me to continue giving...aside from conscience and feeling that I'm in control of where it goes. But since I can't be trusted with where and to whom I give my money, I guess it's good enough that I'm forced to give it to all-knowing, altruistic, wonderful, god-like Obama.

I have no illusions about the size of my drop in the bucket. But it is something. And it is directly opposing the domination of Obama. Hmm...the Obamination?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Of Giant Hogs

Watching Monster Quest, in search of the Giant Hog, in their attempts at attaching a camera to a normal hog, or "the Trojan Hog."

"Tonight, on Fox...When Pigs Go Wild! They'll find the normal hog bringing food offerings to a giant hog sitting on a throne, her name: Miss Piggy."

"And the prince consort a giant frog."

"She has piglets attached like little piggy pasties...tassels attached to their tails, spinning, 'wee, wee, wee!'"