Tuesday, December 27, 2005

"'They' Don't Want You To Know About Natural Cures!"

Based on the contents of the book that this Blog is about, I believe the title of this entry to be closer to what the book actually communicates than its original title "Natural Cures 'They' Don't Want You To Know About," which implies something very different.

Anyone who's read the book knows what I'm talking about when I vent my complaints about the ridiculousness--and undeniable skill--of the author.

I'll be the first to admit that while most of his claims are interesting, the book could have just as easily gotten across its point--or two--in about 100 pages less.

Let me sum up: "I've uncovered a vast consipiracy, and because of this, people and organizations are picking on me. These people and organizations are all about making money, and couldn't care less about public health--except in its decline through addiction and profiteering. Oh, and to make you happy, here is a tiny list of things you can do to maybe make you healthier and protect yourself against this conspiracy. By the way, please, please, please visit my website because then you can join up by sacrificing ridiculous amounts of money to get these 'secret' cures--which I really can't tell you about. I can certainly let you peek under my overcoat at the glittering cures, but that's all I can legally let you do. So...give me your money and look for these natural cures on your own. Oh, and these organizations are really picking on me because I'm seeing through their lies and consipiracies. Did I mention that I'm being picked on? Because I'm so cool? And give me your money. Because they're only in it for the money. But benevolent, picked on me...I'm fighting for you. And only for you. Give me your money."

The Perpetual Victim
All throughout the pages of the book, and all throughout the pages of his newsletter is constant griping about the oppression he's experiencing because of his rabid hunt for truth. While it's interesting, and if it's all true (and I have no reason to disbelieve him), it gets boring after about the fortieth time the reader is assaulted with still more "proof" about how he's being attacked for revealing truth. Again, if it's all true, it sucks to be him, but enough already! Make with the information! Leave the whining and complaining and pertpetual victim mentality alone for half a second! Give us something useful! We all know that drug companies are in it for profit. We all know that they don't want anyone messing with their money. We all know that government agencies are corrupt and messed up and they don't like such things discussed or uncovered. We all know that the crap we eat in fast food restaurants, the drugs we ingest from pharmacies are killing us, and our suppliers don't care. Thank you! Can we move on now?

It IS All About The Money
In all fairness, this guy is a genious. He has some pretty good ideas about health. More impressive, though, are his genious ideas on how to "make the money of the uninformed" his own. My disgust is unbounded, however, at his repeated complaints about the conspirators' sole focus on getting the money of the uninformed. Yet every possible piece of information that comes from him seems to be rather lacking...unless you pay a little (or a lot)...and then you might get some useful information. Especially if, after having paid that little (or a lot) you pay a little more, having been drawn into the conspiracy theories and the no-brainer "I want to be healthy" obsession. They're in it for the money. What's this guy in it for? Altruism? Warm Fuzzies? Ah. Got it. Evangelical satisfaction. Yeah, right. It's a clear example of pots and kettles and the name-calling that goes on amongst them.

Don't get me wrong. I'm a fanatical supporter of alternative healing. I even enjoy indulging in quite a few conspiracy theories. But one gets rather tired of getting one's head beaten in by conspiracy theories and incessant victimish whining.

In all, with a lot of patience, his book is worth reading. But despite how often I agree with what he says (and it is quite often) I for one am very done with it. Time to move on, to find some (more) information that's true, that's edgy, and doesn't smack of whining and hypocrisy.