Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Super Activist Powers...Activate!

I have been imbued with a deep, unrelenting, powerful dislike for Obama and his policies...his party's policies. I have little love for some of McCain's actions, but not nearly so rabid. (Truth be told I'm voting largely against two-party lines.) As a result, you can count on seeing me in some kind of volunteer role, some activist role in promoting something very different than the actions and views of Obama and his party.

Sunday night we received a call from our day care 12 hours before our kids should have been dropped off there. It was the owner letting us know that the day care was closing down. The reason: they were hit by huge taxes handed down from their large-company (highly taxed under Obama's "plan") subletter that they couldn't pay and were denied credit due to credit crunch created by Obama's party's insistence that people that can't afford homes be given loans to get homes. So now we're having to bring our kids to a more expensive, less secure, and more distant day care.

Oh, wait. It wasn't the Democrats that caused the banking problems?

...and Obama only wants to help the "little guy" by taxing the larger companies ($250,000 earnings or more). Clearly this will help the little guy, right? See above! Little guy getting shafted here! (Let alone the obvious fact that companies are already looking to move their companies into states and countries with less tax. What do you think would happen when they're taxed more?)

I forget...Obama and his supporters are not for the trickle-down effect? Which party was the prime supporter of the "bail out(s)?" What was the model here? To give money to those above the little guy in hopes that it will start money trickling down from above. Trickling...down. Hypocrisy!

Let's consider, now, how the definition of "rich" keeps sinking lower and lower. Under the latest numbers, I would be considered rich and therefore subject to more taxes--you know, because those who aren't making a lot of money must get more money forced from me and forced into their hands. I give money and goods. Make me feel like I'm being forced to give and there's no reason for me to continue giving...aside from conscience and feeling that I'm in control of where it goes. But since I can't be trusted with where and to whom I give my money, I guess it's good enough that I'm forced to give it to all-knowing, altruistic, wonderful, god-like Obama.

I have no illusions about the size of my drop in the bucket. But it is something. And it is directly opposing the domination of Obama. Hmm...the Obamination?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Of Giant Hogs

Watching Monster Quest, in search of the Giant Hog, in their attempts at attaching a camera to a normal hog, or "the Trojan Hog."

"Tonight, on Fox...When Pigs Go Wild! They'll find the normal hog bringing food offerings to a giant hog sitting on a throne, her name: Miss Piggy."

"And the prince consort a giant frog."

"She has piglets attached like little piggy pasties...tassels attached to their tails, spinning, 'wee, wee, wee!'"

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Blind-Stupid Voters

Obama's winning because he's got more money and because he's got the most charisma. That's it. Well, and because the average voter sure seems to be stupid.

Everyone says that the economy is the number one concern. And because the economy is sucking wind under Republican "rule", clearly we need to go Democrat. That's moronic. A voter need only do some research behind the sub-prime mortgage debacle as well as a few other things to realize that most--if not all--of the current "crisis" was caused by philosophies and pushes of the Democrat party. In just a few days we're turning the entire country over to the very same people that would see the country destroyed by their short-sighted, weak-hearted policies. Wouldn't be so bad if the voters' blindness didn't hit all branches of the government.

Ah, well. Live, learn, and hopefully recover.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Of Heaven And Hell Epilogue

As my baby boy looks at me stands on strong legs, pounding the coffee table top with powerful smacks, looking up at me with the healthy grin of a showoff showing his dad his new skillz, I am thrust into the other end of the spectrum of family life. Before when he was ill, looking plaintively at me through tear-filled eyes it was the worst hell. Now is the best of heaven.

I can't wait for the teenage years for each of my kids. I can accept that the heaven-hell cycle of daily life with kids can be applied larger-scale to their moving through the cycle of adulthood. I know it'll be hell. But right now...and after their teenage state...I can only enjoy it. (And really, as a warrior, I plan on enjoying even hell.)

Pray Your Supported Public Servant Doesn't Get Elected!

The reason we vote is the same reason we contribute money to our favorite public official. We vote in hopes that the one we're voting for gets elected, and we contribute for the same reason. And we do this so that the policies the would-be official espouses can be enacted and we, by extension, get the policies we support. And we do this so we can take advantage of the policies--exercise our new-found freedoms, as it were.

So, when this [expletive] sheriff Hutchens and the trolls of the Register insinuate in this article that the reason that the previous sheriff, Carona, gave CCW permits as a "kick-back" to his campaign contributors...well, let's just say that I really hope they have their facts straight. Otherwise they might just look like freedom-infringing trolls and [expletive]s that care nothing for the democratic process (since they've already proven their views on the Second Amendment).

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Nuclear Energy is NOT CLEAN

Let's consider for a moment the fact that when one burns oil, when one burns coal, when one burns anything there is a waste product that is emitted. As we attempt to "create" or "discover" cleaner sources of energy, how can we seriously consider the use of nuclear energy? If our use of fossil fuels really is causing global warming (and honestly, I don't care; I do care about what I and my kids are breathing) and we suddenly "discover" a new, cleaner way to feed our ravenous energy appetite, the earth will recover in, say, 100 years. We use nuclear energy, we have wastelands (so-named because it's where we store nuclear waste, and because those regions become uninhabitable in every way) that will remain wastelands for thousands of years.

Now energy storage...that's another problem. We have clean, safe, friendly (oh, and I must use the fad catch-word of the year--GREEN) energy from the wind and sun...being stored in toxic batteries. Well, at least the batteries can be recycled...