Friday, February 29, 2008

Give a Dad a Trance!

I followed the nurse into the nursery to watch as she took my new baby's vitals. Ever vigilant to the comings and goings of people around me, I broke my gaze from the baby and watched a nurse wheeling a new baby into the nursery, the baby's dad following closely. The nurse walked away to fill out some paperwork and the new father stood close by the bassinet, staring down at the mewling man cub. His demeanor was a study. He stood with hands half-in and half-out of the bassinet as though not quite sure what to do with them. He was grinning a half grin and his eyes had a far away look to them as he took in the entirety of a massive beauty in a tiny bundle of new life.

I thought, "Man, that guy looks a bit goofy." And yet I couldn't help but feel a strange kinship with him. Then I took my hands out of my pockets...and put them back in as I turned back to gaze at my new baby. I was only vaguely aware of a goofy grin and a slight discomfort at not knowing quite what to do as I stared down at a tiny bundle of wondrous life and energy.

Another connection to a perfect stranger. Not the baby...the other dad in a state of wonder and nearly drooling from awe.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Why Appearances Don't Matter

So I spend an extra few minutes in the restroom, making sure my face is free of debris and my nose is free of...debris. You see, I was planning on going to the System's Architect to ask a question, and I wanted the focus to be on what I was saying, not on what about my face was distracting him. Satisfied, I went to the SA, asked my question, got the answer, and just couldn't figure out why he was grinning.

On my way back to my cubicle, I sensed something was definitely not right. Sure enough, the fly was undone. It must have been the breeze. Whatever it was, it became crystal clear that appearances--no matter how important they are to others--are completely the wrong focus; I'm clearly always going to have something distracting going on. Boog--uh...nose detritus, zits, dried skin, cowlicks, impressive gut, undone zippers.... And people wonder why my preferred method of communication is electronic.

Friday, February 08, 2008

The Winds of Change Blow

Everyone wants change. Everyone fears change, but everyone wants change. Change is good. The desire for change is good. But when everyone wants change and no one has any idea what kind of change they want, everyone has proven themselves foolish.

Calling for change without thinking about what change you're talking about; calling for change without thought regarding what change the current path will bring about is a warm, moist breeze through a foul bog. It's worthless and it stinks.

Calling for change is the lazy man's way of showing discomfort with how things are. It's wishes on the wind. It's diseased, meaningless nonsense wafting from fool to fool, a contagious madness infecting those who can't seem to focus on exactly what changes they want.

Fine. Be discontent. But don't sit on your thumbs complaining. Have something in mind. Work for a goal. If the goal creates change, then mission accomplished. But wanting change for change's sake without knowing what you're after is just dumb.

Politicians and their sheep should stop talking about change and start talking about goals. Everyone calls for change. Everyone wants change. It's the easy thing to talk about. But hey, easy is the American way. Or at least it should be, if the government would get off their butts and start doing everything for us. Almost there. Almost there.