Monday, January 02, 2006

Adventures In Home Improvement I (2006-01-02)

This post is one of many upcoming posts on my adventures (misadventures?) in home improvement.

See, I have the good fortune to have a house that isn't really all that old...except that it's fallen into disrepair for a few reasons.
  1. Previous owners were worse idiots than I am in this kind of thing.
  2. Current owner claims to be too busy to complete any home improvement type tasks. (Though in my--I mean his--defense, he really is quite busy, and is sadly lacking in construction and home-improvement know-how.) (If that's any kind of "defense.")
  3. The items that require repair make for other things that need repairing, and generally sooner.
  4. [Insert busy computer-geek family-man reasons here.]
In short, these posts are going to be my log, my journal, my diary, my confessional as I make embarrassing attempts at home improvement. Hopefully not all of them will contain phrases like, "So I finally just called in a professional," or, "A few roles of duct tape later...."