Sunday, October 19, 2008

Blind-Stupid Voters

Obama's winning because he's got more money and because he's got the most charisma. That's it. Well, and because the average voter sure seems to be stupid.

Everyone says that the economy is the number one concern. And because the economy is sucking wind under Republican "rule", clearly we need to go Democrat. That's moronic. A voter need only do some research behind the sub-prime mortgage debacle as well as a few other things to realize that most--if not all--of the current "crisis" was caused by philosophies and pushes of the Democrat party. In just a few days we're turning the entire country over to the very same people that would see the country destroyed by their short-sighted, weak-hearted policies. Wouldn't be so bad if the voters' blindness didn't hit all branches of the government.

Ah, well. Live, learn, and hopefully recover.


neovore said...

i largely agree with your first paragraph; voters are stupid, he has a ton of charisma, and he raised more money. he's also winning because after the primaries he took a swing to the middle, and mccain took a swing to the right. while the country may lean right, it does so on its fiscal issues (which the republicans have lost all credibility on, after bush 2) and not social ones. it leans left on social issues. obama matches this pretty soundly, at least more so than mccain.

mccain also suffers from crazy conservative commentators like bill o ("i sure hate brown people, let's talk about my book") and rush ("it's about race!") pushing the centrist view of mccain down the fundie road.

the issue that ties it for me: who can get the most done in the next four years? clearly obama stands out here. he can reach across the aisle to break the avalanche of filibusters that will try to freeze progress. he can heal our image abroad -- without saying a word. his plan for transparency in government has been needed for years. there's a lot to recommend him; which is why he gets my vote.

GrasshopperQ11 said...

I see your points, though I don't necessarily agree with them. With the super majority of the Legislative Branch soon going liberal, the seats in the Judicial Branch that are coming up which will be populated by liberal cronies, the entirety of the government will likely be in Democrat control. So much for checks and balances. No need for Obama to do any reaching at that point.

As for his healing our image abroad...I don't know. After the healing that Clinton did, selling us out on so many fronts, I don't know that I want someone even further left-leaning like Obama doing anything with our image. Image is good, security better.

And I hear both candidates calling for and promising transparency in government, but only one with a track record to prove word with action, so no love there.

As for the commentators...yeah. Course, there is Olberman and all the other leftists out there doing the same on the other side.

Frankly, my reaction is all about the fear I feel hearing the all-but-socialist (if not outright socialist) views and plans of the Democratic Party. It all sounds nice until you really get down to the mechanics of what they want. Then it just gets plain...scary.

El Ponderado said...

Conservatives still get my vote even though Obama's charisma is mighty tempting, Bush II was indeed a failure and good point on O'freaky (what an embarrassment).

I think we have too many more important things to worry about here to spend worry time on our image abroad. Once the American consumer teet dries up, the suckers will hate us anyway.


neovore said...

i understand your pov, and can't disagree with it. i don't think you have as much to fear, but i can definitely see how you draw those conclusions. i certainly won't try to change your vote .. utah's going to mccain as surely as kentucky is.

what i said during primary season was this: if it's obama and mcain, i'll be tickled pink.

this is the first election i can remember where i support both candidates being elected. i don't fear becoming a socialist country because i know the country wouldn't stand for it. and even if the democrats get 60 senate seats (which isn't looking likely .. they'll get 57) they are still bound by the constitution. we don't know what supreme court seats are coming up (hopefully none).

the reason i'm not passionate about either candidate is that i don't find much in either of them not to like -- even as much as i think mccain's campaign has been run like a taco shop these last few weeks. i'd be very surprised if obama didn't appoint mccain to a cabinet position in line with his strengths.

my bet is obama 303, mccain 235, with a 3.55% victory margin in the popular vote. at least, that's what i put my money on. ;)