Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Nuclear Energy is NOT CLEAN

Let's consider for a moment the fact that when one burns oil, when one burns coal, when one burns anything there is a waste product that is emitted. As we attempt to "create" or "discover" cleaner sources of energy, how can we seriously consider the use of nuclear energy? If our use of fossil fuels really is causing global warming (and honestly, I don't care; I do care about what I and my kids are breathing) and we suddenly "discover" a new, cleaner way to feed our ravenous energy appetite, the earth will recover in, say, 100 years. We use nuclear energy, we have wastelands (so-named because it's where we store nuclear waste, and because those regions become uninhabitable in every way) that will remain wastelands for thousands of years.

Now energy storage...that's another problem. We have clean, safe, friendly (oh, and I must use the fad catch-word of the year--GREEN) energy from the wind and sun...being stored in toxic batteries. Well, at least the batteries can be recycled...

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Red Craig said...

Please do us all a favor and learn more about the subject. First, coal kills thousands of Americans every month.[ref]. Second, climate change will not reverse itself in 100 years, even in the unlikely event that a magic new energy source is discovered. Please google "climate tipping points" to learn more.

Third, nuclear energy is as clean as any alternative source available and has the added benefit of being available full time. For real information on nuclear energy, please look at The Nuclear Energy Option by Bernard Cohen and "Power to Save the World" by Gwyneth Cravens.