Monday, October 13, 2008

Pray Your Supported Public Servant Doesn't Get Elected!

The reason we vote is the same reason we contribute money to our favorite public official. We vote in hopes that the one we're voting for gets elected, and we contribute for the same reason. And we do this so that the policies the would-be official espouses can be enacted and we, by extension, get the policies we support. And we do this so we can take advantage of the policies--exercise our new-found freedoms, as it were.

So, when this [expletive] sheriff Hutchens and the trolls of the Register insinuate in this article that the reason that the previous sheriff, Carona, gave CCW permits as a "kick-back" to his campaign contributors...well, let's just say that I really hope they have their facts straight. Otherwise they might just look like freedom-infringing trolls and [expletive]s that care nothing for the democratic process (since they've already proven their views on the Second Amendment).

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