Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Hypocrisy of the New Messiah

I'll admit I'm not the sharpest brick in the sack of drawers, but honestly, who can't see through the foolishness of this "stimulus bill" drafted by our fearless, holy leader?

Who remembers Bush being continually slammed for his attempts at putting money back in the pockets of companies so they could employ more people, and therefore allow those people opportunity to spend more and keep the economy rolling? Who remembers the derisive word used? "Trickle-down Economics." What an idiot, that Bush, thinking that the money will trickle down from companies to employees to companies.

Let's consider how this new brilliant piece of dog-shtimulus coming down the pike will stimulate the ecomony.

Question: How will giving money to these government programs help stimulate the economy?

Answer: You give the money to the government programs. They give the money to needy companies. Needy companies can then employ and pay needy employees. Needy employees can then buy stuff, thereby stimulating the economy!

So...Obama and his cronies aren't for trickle down economics, but they're for trickle-trickle down...? That's so much better!


El Ponderado said...

yeah, that's right on. It's only wrong if the 'other' guy does it. Grief.

The real problem with the stimulus (besides Americans not needing it) is the borrowing and the printing of the money. They tried this in Brazil (and many other places) when I was there and ended up devastating their currency to the point that they had to start over with what they ended up calling the 'Real' - "oh, that was just a joke - THIS is the real thing." Lesson learned. You don't see them trying this again.

GrasshopperQ11 said...

Yeah. I didn't want to get into that. Thinking of where the money's coming from is just terrible. Printers and selling MORE of ourselves to China. They already own, what, like 30% of us? "Here! Lend us some more! We're good for it! Really!"