Monday, April 06, 2009

The Language of War

I sit here after a workout filled with techniques on how to beat an opponent quickly, efficiently and brutally. I sit here filling my mind with images of war and bloodshed in Band of Brothers. There is beauty in the carnage, the death, the destruction and the effective use of it all. It sickens me, and I learn about it; I study it; I practice it, and I vainly hope to God I never ever see its like in reality.

What in the name of all that's holy and good possesses people (and I use the term lightly and with no small amount of derision) to find something--anything--so important as to cause the death and suffering of other people? What, power? Land? Resources? Money? Different gods? Is it worth it? Really?

I'll tell you what's worth causing the kind of suffering war brings to fighting men and women and their children. It's people that allow their greed and lust for power, land, resources, money and different gods to overcome their general decency, their very humanity in order to satisfy those lusts. These are the people that cause others who would normally not want to kill have to kill. These are the people that typically never have to kill--they only create "policy" that requires others to do their dirty work. These are the ones who are deserving of the hell that they inflict on others for their lust. Terrorists all, pretending to be statesmen. God damn them all. Course, as always, they'll be doing that themselves. I'm good with that.

Don't get me wrong: right now there are times and events that require war. There are even times when going on the offensive to neutralize a clear and present danger is needed. Damn those who create that necessity. They'll go to hell, and I won't shed a tear to see them there. And I will wade through the beautiful filth that are the skills to defend myself from these drooling demons in human form, as I curse those that create that demand, reveling in its fluidity and formless, horrid beauty.

I study two languages. Both are beautiful. Both reveal a man's soul. I prefer the language of Peace.


El Ponderado said...

Peace here too! One thought. Hunger would be a cause for war I could see. Watching your own children starve and your enemies children thrive. I could see the question (unjustified as it may be) "why not their children starve and mine thrive?" (shrug) It's the human condition. The board on which we play chess. The better we can make it, the better off we'll be here and forever.

GrasshopperQ11 said...

Well, that's kind of based on a slightly tweaked sense of selfishness and power-lust. It's a twisted illusion of fairness at best, and a perfect example of the evil we're talking about at worst.

I'd be very surprised to find a people that are starving that aren't starving because of some war- or power-monger's decisions, whether by causing a war, or by withholding sustenance. Poverty, droughts, famines, etc. all create situations like that, but those situations can nearly always be ameliorated through someone giving of their substance, assuming that substance is not intercepted and used as leverage by the bastards in question.